Body, Main Wrapper & Content Wrapper

Adjusting the settings for Body, Main Wrapper and Content Wrapper allow you to define the overall frame of your website. You can create a unique feel for your website by adjusting spacing, borders and background within these settings. Watch the video below for the tutorial!



1. Body

In Body settings you can define the background design for the entire site.
Similar to rows and columns you can choose a background color or upload an image including patterns. Note that the image will be displayed at all pages on the website.

1.1. Text / Global Font

In this section you can also customize text and links. Note that by doing it at the Body level, you'll change the styling of all the texts and links on your website. That's why we refer to it as Global Font, since it is possible to set an overall typeface to be used across the website.

2. Main Wrapper

In Main Wrapper settings you can also choose a background color and/ or upload a background image. You may also adjust the spacing and give the main wrapper a border. Note when you increase padding in the main wrapper the background becomes more visible. Note that the header and footer lie within the padding. 

You can also give the main wrapper a border. A background image in the main wrapper lies on top of the body background image. You may also create unique design effects by using transparent images in the main wrapper. 


3. Content Wrapper

With the content wrapper you have the same options as with the main wrapper. The difference is just that the content wrapper does not include the header and footer.



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