Global HTML

You can add global HTML to your website in just a few clicks. Global HTML tags are tags that are repeated across every page of your website either in the header or body tag.

Please note that our support team does not provide support on HTML-related questions as this is a third party source and we can't control it meaning that we cannot help you if the HTML tag is not working as intended.

If you want to add HTML to individual pages, you can do so in Page Settings

You can also add HTML widgets and other elements on your pages by using the HTML module


How to add and edit global HTML

In the editor, click Settings and choose the Global HTML option. Insert your HTML tag in either the Global HTML Head tag area or Global HTML Body tag area and save the changes by clicking on the Save button.

If your HTML tag is a meta tag insert this in 'Global HTML Head tag'. If it is another HTML tag e.g. Google Analytics HTML tag or any other HTML tag, insert this in 'Global HTML Body tag'. 


Search functionality

The editor supports an integrated search functionality. To activate it, simply press Ctrl + F, on Windows, or Cmd + F, on Mac.


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