Global Styling the Cart

The Cart is generated and styled automatically according to the theme of your website, however it is possible to manually modify some settings on Global Styling, giving you full creative control on how the Cart will look like. Find the Global Styling for the Cart on the Global Styling editor, under the Shop Settings on the left side menu.


1. General

The General Cart settings are the same that can be found when editing the Cart Module. To learn more about this settings, please click here. 


2. Cart Contents

Inside the Cart, it is possible to customize its contents, represented in the image below. 


2.1. Fonts

One of the aspects that can be designed is the fonts related to the cart title, product name, quantity and price, subtotal title and price. These design options include font color, size, family, weight, text decoration, line height, uppercase option, alignment and spacing. 


2.2. Divider

Regarding the small divider, it is possible to define its placement, its thickness, color, type and width, and spacing options.


2.3. Background, Border and Spacing

Lastly it is possible to define the general background color and transparency of the cart, along with its border and spacing.


3. Checkout Button

In this section you can style the Checkout button. This includes the text, where the font can be fully customized, the background color and transparency, the border color, width, style and radius, and the spacing, in terms of padding. 


Anything we’ve not covered?

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