It is possible to add a table to your website with the Text Module. Find the table option by expanding the text editor toolbar when editing a Text Module.

1. Insert Table

To add a table, simply click on the table icon and choose Insert Table from the dropdown menu. By default, a table with two rows and two columns will be created, which means four cells.

2. Insert Row

To add a new row, simply choose Insert Row Above or Insert Row Below from the dropdown menu. The new row will be added depending on the relative position where your cursor is. 

3. Insert Column

To add a new column, simply choose Insert Column Left or Insert Column Right from the dropdown menu. The new column will be added depending on the relative position where your cursor is.

4. Add & Delete Head

The table head is the first row of the table, which can be differentiated in styling. To add the table head simply choose Add Head from the dropdown menu; to delete it click on Delete Head.

5. Delete Row & Column

To delete a row or a column, simply choose Delete Row or Delete Column from the dropdown menu. Make sure to place your courser on the row or column you wish to delete.

6. Delete Table

To delete the table overall, simply click on Delete Table from the dropdown menu. All the columns and rows will be deleted.

7. Table Styling

7.1. Text

The text styling of the table is done locally in the text editor toolbar - you can choose a pre-defined font styling or change the font, add links, globals, lists, etc. Please note that you can't apply tagnames (H1, H2, ...) in the table. Read all about the text editor toolbar features here!

7.2. Global Styling

For other styling options, go to the Global Styling tab and choose text from Module Design. On the dropdown menu you will find the Table section. In this section you can differentiate the style of the table head, so the first row of your table, and the other cells. The styling can be done in terms of:

7.2.1. Spacing

Here you can set the padding, which adjusts the space inside of an element.


7.2.2. Border

Personalize the table head or cells' borders by choosing a color, width and style.

7.2.3. Background

Here you can define a background color for the table head or cells and set its transparency.


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