Products Overview

It is easy to create and manage your products on the editor. You can find the Products section on the left side menu of the Shop tab.

1. Create New Product

To add a new product, simply click on Create New Product. Learn all about how to create a product here!

2. Duplicate Product

Instead of always creating new products, the editor also offers you the possibility to duplicate existing products. Simply select the product(s) you wish to duplicate by clicking on the square on the left of the product, followed by clicking on Duplicate. Please note that when you duplicate a product, by default the copy will be hidden - which means it won't be shown on your product catalog. Click here to read more about products' visibility!

3. Import & Export Products

Instead of manually adding your inventory, it is possible to import and export your product list as a XLSX file. Read how to import and export products here!

4. Delete Product

To delete one or more products, select the one(s) you wish to delete by clicking on the square on the left of the product followed by pressing the Delete button. A message will cover the screen asking you to confirm whether you want to delete the post or not - click Yes to confirm and No to go back to your products.

5. Search

Once you have a large list of products, it might become difficult to look for a specific one. This tool allows you to search your whole inventory based on the complete or partial product name, instead of having to manually look for the product.

6. Show Variants

By default, your inventory will only show your main products - to have an overview of the product and its variants, you must click on the small arrow icon. This will uncover all the variants for that specific product. Read more about product variants here!

7. Edit Product

The editor allows you to edit any product at any given time. To do so, click on the editing icon on the right side of the product and you'll be redirected to the product options where you can change basic information, variants, photos and SEO.

8. Show

To improve the visualization of the products, it is possible to choose the number of products you wish to be shown on each page. You can choose between showing 25, 50, 100 or all products in one page.


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