Visual representations of the products are extremely important on a webshop. You can add a photo to each variant of your product based on the Primary Variation Label. 


1. Add File or Choose from Library

You can add a photo of a product variant by uploading it from your own computer, by clicking on Add File, or choose an existing image from your library, by clicking on Choose from Library.

Recommended product image sizes and ratios

It's important that you upload product images with a size of at least 700x700 pixels. This gives the best quality of images on the catalog and product pages, and it also ensures that the product zoom function works correctly.

Furthermore, uploading images with the same aspect ratio (height and width) gives a more consistent look on the catalog where products are displayed side by side. However, if you choose to upload different sized images, you can then choose to adjust the size of the product thumbnails in the catalog. The Editor gives you this flexibility to create the look and feel as you most prefer. Learn how to adjust the size of product thumbnails here.


2. Move Pictures

You can choose which picture should show up first and what should be the general order of display. To move your pictures around, hover the mouse on the three vertical dots on the bottom left corner of the picture miniature and drag it to your preferred position.


3. Edit, Replace and Remove

By clicking on top of any picture, three options show up on the right side. By clicking on Edit you will open the Image Editor; Replace will open the File Library so you can select another picture and Remove will delete the existing picture.

4. Alternative Text

Write a small descriptive alternative text that will improve your products performance regarding search engines. 



Don't forget to save your progress by clicking on the Save Product button on the top of the page. We also recommend you to check our practical example to fully master the product creation process on the editor. Click here to see the practical example! 


Anything we’ve not covered?

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