Create a new Product

Creating a product is easy with the shop editor. Once at the Shop tab of the editor, the Product menu is the first one on the left sidebar. To add a new product, simply click on the Create New Product button. Once you have done that, a new page with four different tabs will appear.

1. Basic

On this tab you will be able to add the general information of your product, including name, description, price, delivery options, among others. Learn everything about product's basic information here!


2. Variants

In this section it is possible to add the different variants of your product, in case the product has them. Variants can be, for example, color, size or material, and you have the possibility to easily define them based on what you think are the most relevant variants. Learn how to define the variation labels here and how to add the products' variants here.


3. Photos

Here you will be able to add one or multiple photos for each variant of your product. Find more about adding photos to products here!


4. SEO

At the last stage you should add SEO to your products to make them more easily found and visible to your customers on search engines. Learn how to add SEO elements here!


Important Note!

Don't forget to always save your product by scrolling up and clicking the Save Product button. Otherwise you might lose the progress on each product.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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