It is possible to add SEO elements to each product, optimizing it for a search engine.


1. Title

Here you should add your product's name.


2. Description

Add an interesting, brief and relevant description of your product. Try to keep it under 160 characters and don't forget to include keywords that potential customers might look for if they would want to get your product.


3. Keywords

Add the relevant keywords regarding your product in this section.


4. Permalink

Create your own permalink for each individual product or let the editor generate it by itself. Note that in order for each product page to have its own SEO value, each page must have an individual permalink, different from other existing products.


5. Preview

As you're filling in the fields, you'll be able to preview what your product would look like on a Google search through the Google Search Result Preview Tool. Here you can also click on a word in the title to emulate keyword highlighting in the search result.

6. 301 Redirects

If you already had E-commerce products on your website and wish to maintain their SEO value, it is possible to redirect the individual products to their new pages. Simply type down in the field only the directory part of the URL (e.g. ProductX instead of Read more about 301 Redirects here!


Don't forget to save your progress by clicking on the Save Product button on the top of the page. We also recommend you to check our practical example to fully master the product creation process on the editor. Click here to see the practical example! 


Anything we’ve not covered?

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