User guide to simple product import feature

The simplified product import feature makes it easy for users to bulk import products into their Shop with minimal effort. Only basic product information is required for a successful upload.

Important settings required for the feature to work

The simplified product import feature only works if the following settings are applied in the Editor:

  1. Your website must only have one language added
  2. You must only have selected one currency in Shop Settings

How to set it up

Head into Shop -> Products and click the Import & Export button at the top. On the overlay, tick the box “Use a simplified excel file” and click Show XLSX file example to download the import file.

In the XLSX file you will see the following four columns:

1) If you have already added an image in the Editor’s File Manager, you can add that to the product by pasting the file name and extension, for example chair.jpg.

2) If you want to use an image that’s hosted somewhere else on the internet, paste the entire URL of the image, for example https://www.interiordesigns/products/chair22/chair.jpg.

You can add multiple images by separating file names or image URLs with a semi colon (with no spaces added on either side).

Once you’ve saved your XLSX file, head back into the Editor and click on Import & Export again. Under Import, click Add XLSX file and upload your file. Keep in mind that when you import products using the simplified XSLX file, Enable simplified product import must be ticked in order for the Editor to be able to read the file correctly. 


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