Guide to creating and modifying products

"The Editor presents you with different ways of adding new products to your Shop and modifying existing ones.


Add your first products

Before you start adding products, it’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

Option 1: Add products manually

In the Editor, you can create each of your new products directly in the interface. This offers you an easy-to-use, tabbed product creation flow that enables you to fill in the relevant information as you go along.

This option is mostly useful for shop owners who are adding a limited number of products at first (up to 40-50) and those who like to go through a structured product creation flow for each of their products. If you need to create more than 40-50 products at first, consider using options 2 or 3 below.

Read more about creating products manually here.

Option 2: Use the simplified product importer

If you are looking for a fast and easy way of creating multiple products in one go, you have the option of downloading a simple XLSX file, filling it in with product data (each row in the file creates one product), and re-uploading it to the Editor.

This option is beneficial for shop owners who want to quickly add multiple products to their shop with only the most basic information: product name, product description, price and image(s). If you are working with multiple product variants, multiple website languages, multiple currencies, or need to add more detailed product information during the product creation, option 3 (below) would be preferable.

Read more about the simplified product importer feature here.

Option 3: Use the advanced product importer

The advanced importer makes it possible for you to bulk upload as many products as you wish with all the relevant product information, including variants, stock information, tags, SEO, etc. – in multiple currencies and multiple languages.

This method is ideal for shop owners who already have product information on file and can simply copy-paste it into the Excel file. It’s also a good option for those working with multiple variants of products as it’s easy to copy information between the various product variants, e.g. prices and product descriptions.

Read more about the advanced product importer feature here.

Tips for ensuring a successful XSLX file upload

1) Make sure that you don't modify any of the cells in the top row (row 1) of the Excel file. If any of the cells have been modified, the Editor will not be able to read the file correctly on upload and products can't be added in the system.

2) If you are uploading a simplified XLSX file to the Shop, make sure you have ticked the box Enable simplified product import before importing the file. If you are using the advanced file, untick the box before starting the import.

Add additional products to your Shop

After you’ve added your first batch of products, you may soon need to add more. This can be done using any of the three options outlined previously in this article.

When adding products with either the simplified or advanced product importer file, you don’t need to export an XLSX file with your existing products and add new products to it. You can simply download a new XLSX file and add your new products in there. Once imported, the Shop will add the new products to your existing catalog and automatically assign them product IDs.

The "product_id" cell in the XLSX file

If you’re using the advanced product importer, leaving the “product_id” cell blank on a product means that the Shop will automatically assign the product an ID. You can also fill in the cell with any number of your choice (as long as it doesn’t belong to an existing product in your shop), for example if you want it to match the ID you have for the product in some of your other systems.

How to modify one or more existing products

If you need to modify existing products – e.g. changing product name, description, price, stock quantity, etc. – you can do so directly in the Editor by clicking the relevant product and making the changes, or you can export all of your products to an XLSX file and edit them in there. The export option is particularly relevant if you need to make bulk changes to more than just a handful of products.

You can only export an advanced XLSX file

When exporting products to an XLSX file, be aware that this will always be the advanced file. You can only use the simplified file for uploading new products.

In the XLSX file, edit the relevant cells, save the file, and re-upload it to the Editor. You can also add new products to the file if you wish. When you upload a file with product edits, the Editor will summarize how many of your products have been changed. Click “Start Import” to complete the upload process.

Delete products from your Shop

If you wish to delete one or more of your products, this can easily be achieved on your Product overview. Tick the products you wish to delete and click the red Delete button.

Be aware that if you have exported an XLSX file with your products and delete any of them from the file, it will not delete the actual products from your Shop once the file is re-uploaded to the Editor. Products can only be delete from within the Editor interface.

Troubleshooting product creation

We have collected some of the common questions about the product import/export feature.

Q1) When uploading the XSLX file, I get the following error message: THE XLSX IS MISSING THE FOLLOWING HEADERS: name, description, price.

A1) This happens because you are uploading an advanced file but have ticked the box Enable simplified product import. Untick the box and try again.

Q2) When uploading the XSLX file, I get the following error message: THE XLSX IS MISSING THE FOLLOWING HEADERS: product_id, active, sku, option_ident, quantity, name_EN, description_EN, seo_title_EN, seo_description_EN, seo_keywords_EN, price_EUR.

A2) This happens because you are uploading a simplified file but haven’t ticked the box Enable simplified product import. Tick the box and try again.


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