Image Editor

The editor has an integrated image editor in which it is possible to adjust images in terms of filters, orientation, size and many other options.

To open the Image Editor, edit an Image Module and you will see an Edit option on the right side of the image thumbnail. A new menu will appear with the preview of the picture on top and the editing options on the bottom.  


1. Features

1.1. Crop

The crop option can be used to crop the picture, modifying its size. It can be used with predefined crops like squared, 4:3 and 16:9 or with a freeform crop.


1.2. Orientation

This tool allows you to change the orientation of a picture by rotating right or left and flipping vertically or horizontally.


1.3. Filters

Filters are effects that can be added to pictures. The editor provides various filters that can be used to alter the shades and colors of a picture. You can also define the intensity of the filter.


1.4. Adjust

In this section you can use the slider function to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, clarity, exposure, shadows and highlights. 


1.5. Text

With this option it is possible to add text to a picture. Drag the cursor to move the text over the picture and you can also find the rotation option on bottom right corner. On the bottom bar you can define the size, the font family, the alignment and arrange the order; next to the fonts there will be two squares in which you can choose the color of the text and background.


1.6. Brush

The brush allows you to draw on top of your picture. You can define a thickness and color for your brush.


1.7. Focus

Here you can define the focus for the picture using the slider functionality. It is also possible to choose between a radial and a linear focus.


1.8. Border

It is also possible to give a border to your picture, all you must do is choose the thickness and color of the border.


2. Need to know


3. Original Picture

No matter the changes one does to a picture, the original picture can always be used again and it can be found on the File Manager. To learn more about the File Manager, click here.


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