File Manager

The File Manager functions as a media library for your stock images, pictures and downloadable files. With this tool it is possible to add, edit and delete files.

The File Manager can be found on the left side menu of the Content tab of the editor but all files are then accessible in the Build area of the editor when working with relevant functionality (e.g. adding a background image to a row, adding a file to the download module, etc.). For a visual representation of this topic, please watch the video below:

Wistia video thumbnail - File Manager



1. Local Files

The Local Files tab shows existing uploaded files, to which you can add more or edit/delete.


2. Upload Files

To upload a new file, click on + Upload Files and choose the file you wish to upload from your computer locations. Alternatively you can just drag the file you wish to upload into the image area available.


3. Sort By

To organize the files in a more effective manner, it is possible to sort the order in which they appear in the manager. It is possible to sort the files by creation date, name, type, size and how commonly used they are.


4. Delete Files

To delete a file, click on it to select it - the image should be outlined in green. You can select multiple files in this way and to delete them just click on the Delete Selected Files button on the top of the File Manager.


5. Search

Once you have a large and complete library, it might become difficult to look for a specific image or file. This tool allows you to search your whole library based on the complete or partial file name.


6. Use on page

On the upper right corner of the picture you can find a visibility icon. By hovering over it, a message box should state where on your website is that file being currently used on. 


7. Edit Files

To edit a file, hover on the image you wish to edit. Click on the Edit icon that shows up on the bottom left corner of the picture and an editing menu appears. Don't forget to click Save Changes to apply the modifications and close the editing menu. 


7.1. Description Alt Text

In this section it is possible to add the picture Alt Text. To learn more about what Alt Text is, please click here.


7.2. Keywords

Add keywords describing the file to help improve its ranking on search engines. Add multiple keywords by comma-separating them.


7.3. Author

In this section you can add the author of the file.


8. Show

To improve the visualization of the files, it is possible to choose the number of files you wish to be shown on each page. You can choose between showing 24, 50, 100 or all the files on one page.

9. View

Choose whether you want your files showing in a grid system or listed. When using the listed view all files will be unfolded and you will be able to edit the information without having to click on each of the files. 

Files Supported

The following list represents all the extensions supported by the File Manager: jpeg, jpg, gif, png, ico, pdf, docx, doc, odt, rtf, txt, csv, pps, ppt, svg, xlsx, xls, epub and css. Please note that the File Manager upload limit is 25 MB.


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