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Creating posts is easy with the blog editor. It is possible to find the Posts section on the left side menu of the Blog tab. To add a new post, simply click on the Add New Post button. A new menu with three tabs will appear - the following article will go through the Basic tab. Watch the video below for a tutorial - this article is discussed until 1:35.







1. Visibility

This feature allows you to define the visibility of your post, this means whether the post will be shown on the blog to your visitors or not. You can hide it or make it visible from a specific date. By default, the post will be visible from the moment of creation.


2. Tags

Tags are extremely useful to organize and display your posts on your blog, thus make sure to add in this section as many tags as you wish, as long as they are relevant to the post and its content. Keep in mind that tags must be a single word or words with no spaces in between. Learn more about Tags here!


3. Featured Image

The featured image will be the main image associated with the post. To add an image, simply click on Add File or drag your preferred image into the box, in case the image is in your computer, or click on Choose From Library, in case you have uploaded the image to your File Manager already. 


3.1. Editing

Once you have uploaded the image, you can use the integrated image editor to alter your image - crop, change orientation, add filters, among other options. Learn everything about the Image Editor here!


3.2. Replace & Remove

If you are not happy with the image you have uploaded, you can easily replace it or remove it by clicking on the respective button. 


4. Content

4.1. Author

In this section you should add the name of the author of the post.


4.2. Post Title

Choose a title for your post and write it down in this section.


4.3. Preamble

The preamble is the first text that your visitors will see when previewing your post on the Blog Catalog module. The preamble should be used as the introduction, or teaser, to the post. The preamble will not be displayed in the actual blog post, only in the post preview.  


4.4. Content

Finally, on the content section you should add the actual post. When typing down your blog preamble and content you will find a simplified version of the text editor toolbar in which you can add styling to your blog post. Read more about the text editor toolbar here!


5. Different Languages

The editor also offers you the possibility to have the translation for each post on the different languages that your website supports. To do so, simply click on the language you wish to write in and complete the post title, preamble and content fields in the new language. The blog catalog will automatically display the posts in the language of the pages where it is included - e.g. by dragging a blog catalog into any spanish page, the posts will automatically be displayed in spanish. Learn how to add a new language here!



Anything we’ve not covered?

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