Business Information

Business Information is the first section of Global Data. On this section you can add your logo and cover image, as well as the address, contacts and description of your company.

1. Content

1.1. Logo

Here it is possible to add your logo. In case you have uploaded your logo before, choose it from the library; if not, click on Add File or drag the logo to the section highlighted.  


1.2. Cover

Here it is possible to add your cover image. In case you have uploaded your cover before, choose it from the library; if not, click on Add File or drag the image to the section highlighted.


1.3. Business Information

Under Business Information you will be able to add your company's address and relevant contacts, including: company name, company name (branded), street, zip, city, state, country, country code, timezone, longitude, latitude, phone, fax, email and organisation number.

1.3.1. Timezone

The timezone added in this section will be referred to when calculating whether your business is open or closed in the Open Now Module. Read all about the Open Now Module here!


1.4. Company Description

On the Company Description fields you can add a short and/or long description as well as the company start date and mission. Moreover, it is possible to define what is the conversion goal of your site: neutral, email, phone or deal.


Please note that it is possible to associate different content depending on the different languages available on your site. This means that you can have specific business information for each one of your languages. The content will then be available locally depending on under which language you are working. Learn how to add different languages in your site here!


These Global Data fields are extremely useful when using the Text Module or the Image Module. Click on them to read more about each mentioned module.


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