Gallery is the fourth section of Global Data. On this section you can upload different images that you wish to show on a gallery on your website. You can also edit the images using the integrated Image Editor.


1. Add File / Choose from Library

In this section you should upload the images you wish to show in the gallery. In case you have uploaded an image before, choose it from the library; if not, click on Add File or drag the image to the area highlighted.  


2. Change Order

The order in which the images are displayed in this section will be the same in which they will be displayed in the Gallery. Once at the Gallery Module you won't be able to change their positions, therefore if you want a specific order to your images, do it here. To change the order of an image, click on the three vertical spots on the bottom-left corner of the image and drag it to your preferred position.  


3. Edit Image

To edit an image, click on the arrow on its bottom-right corner and select the option Edit. The Image Editor will cover the main area of the editor and you can now add a filter to your image, resize it or apply different effects. Read more about the Image Editor here!


4. Replace Image

To replace an image, click on the arrow on its bottom-right corner and select the option Replace. You can now choose another image from your File Library.


5. Remove Image

To remove an image, simply click on the arrow on its bottom-right corner and select the option Remove.


6. Alternative Text

In this field you should add the alternative text for the image for SEO purposes. Read more about Alternative Text here!


7. Caption

If you wish to do so you can add a caption to each image of the gallery. The caption will be visible under the thumbnails in the gallery and/or when your visitors click on an individual image of the gallery - the image will become full size and the caption can be read at the bottom of the image. Read how to enable caption on images here!



Please note that it is possible to associate different content depending on the different languages available on your site. This means that you can have specific galleries for each one of your languages. The content will then be available locally depending on under which language you are working. Learn how to add different languages in your site here!


These Global Data fields are extremely useful when using the Gallery Module. To read more about the Gallery Module, please click here!


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