Price Lists

Price Lists is the ninth section of Global Data. On this section you can add different lists in which you can display your products/services with images and price.


1. Create New List

To create a new price list, simply click on the Create New Price List button. A grey bar will appear - by clicking on it, the area will extend to show the different list fields.


1.1. Title

In this section you should insert the title of the price list.


1.2. Add

In this section you can add the list items - products, services, etc. Click on the + Add button to create an item and click on the white bar to expand the field.


1.2.1. Image

In this section you can add an image to the list item. Choose it from your library or add the file by clicking on the Add File button.


1.2.2. Name

Add the name of the item in this section.


1.2.3. Number

If you want to create a numbered list, use this field to add the number for the item. 


1.2.4. Price

Add the price for the item. Please note that you have to manually add the currency, e.g. 20€, 15 USD, ... ; or you can even type down something else, e.g. Free, On Sale, among other options.


1.2.5. Description

Add a small descriptive text about the item. 


2. Change Lists or Items Order

To change the items order or the lists orders, simply click on the three vertical dots on the left side of each item/list and drag it to your preferred position.


3. Delete List or Item

To delete a list or an item of a list, simply click on the x icon on the right side of the element.



Please note that it is possible to associate different content depending on the different languages available on your site. This means that you can have specific price lists for each one of your languages. The content will then be available locally depending on under which language you are working. Learn how to add different languages in your site here!


These Global Data fields are extremely useful when using the Price List Module. To read more about the Price List Module, please click here!


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