Visitor Statistics

On the Home page, it is possible to find a large section dedicated to reporting your visitor statistics. Below you will be able to read what those statistics refer to and what they mean.

Reporting Date

By default, the graph will display visitor statistics from the previous 7 days; however, it is possible to manually define the period of time for which you want to be shown analytics. To do so, simply click on top of the date stamp on top of the section, followed by pressing the initial date and the final date of the relevant time period.


The graph shows a visual representation of the evolution of a specific variable - visitors, page views, returning visitors, users or form submissions. Not only can you have an overall view of what the variable behaves like but you can actually get an exact amount by hovering over the black points along the graph.

Visitors (Sessions)

Visitors equal the number of users who have visited your site and have recorded one session. A session is defined as a group of interactions (e.g. page views, purchase products, download resources) that a user does on the website within a specific time frame, approximately 30 minutes. If the same user has recorded two sessions, for example, then they will be counted as two visitors (a returning visitor).

Page Views

A page view is recorded each time a user visits any single page on the website. This includes every time a visitor hits the back button or refreshes the page. Every time a page is opened in the browser, regardless of whether it has been cached, a page view is recorded.

Returning Visitors

Returning Visitors represent the number of users that have previously visited the site.


Users equal unique visitors, which refers to a visitor that has visited the site at least once within the reporting period; each visitor is only counted once through its unique IP address, no matter how many times they have accessed the site. 

Form Submissions

In this section you can see the total number of forms submitted on your website within the reporting period. Read more about the Form Module here!

Top Browsers

In this section you can have an overview of which browsers are the most popular amongst your site visitors.


In this section you can see from which devices your visitors enter your site. You can see how your overall views have been obtained from each type of device - desktop, tablet or mobile. 

Top Pages

In this section you can check the most visited pages on your site; you can use it to get an understanding of which content is more popular and relevant to your visitors. The section will display the URL of the page minus your domain (if you are only being shown / , that line refers to the root AKA your homepage), as well as the number and percentage of views.

Top Actions

In this section you can check what are the most popular actions within your site. Below you can find the complete list of actions that are recorded by the editor:

Custom Actions

Apart from the default actions tracked by the editor, you can define custom tracking actions in the Button, Form and Image List Modules. You can give it a custom tracking name and you will find statistics on these actions on the dashboard as well. 

Top Referrals

In this section you can check your top referrals. Referrals are obtained when a visitor gets redirected to your website from an external website. On the left hand side you can find the websites that have originated the referral and on the right side the number represents the different number of times a person got referred from that website.

Other Dashboard Sections

If you want to read more about other dashboard sections and get a general overview of the editor, please click here.


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