Row Settings Overview

When editing a row, there are a couple of styling and general settings you should be aware of and know how to implement. To open the Row Settings, find the orange Row Menu.


1. Edit

1.1. Styling

Under Styling you will find background, border and spacing options. Click here to read all about the styling of rows!


1.2. Settings

1.2.1. Desktop Column Stacking

This setting allows you to vertically stack columns in a single row. Click here to find more about Desktop Column Stacking!


1.2.2. Anchor

This setting allows you to create an anchor on a row, making it accessible from the navigation on top of the page. Click here to read all about anchors!

2. Create Group

Row Groups can be used to display sliding images in your website, which add a great effect to the overall design. This feature is also often called a carousel. Row groups are groups of rows, including images, text and any other modules, that switch on a defined interval within the same space. Click here to read all about creating row groups!

3. Equalize Columns

With this option it is possible to equalize the width of the columns in a given row. Bear in mind that since we use a 12-column grid system, for the columns to be the exact same size, the number of columns need to go into 12 evenly - e.g., 2 columns will become 6 units each, 3 columns will become 4 units each, etc. Note that the equalize option will reset the column sizes for all the viewports.

For numbers that don't go into 12, see the column-split examples below:

4. Hide on Device

This options allows you to hide the row depending on the viewport.

5. Duplicate

You can easily duplicate a row by selecting the Duplicate option from the row dropdown menu. You will find the duplicated row right underneath the existing row. The duplicate option is also applicable to columns and modules.

6. Copy & Paste

To copy a row, simply select the option Copy from the row dropdown menu. To paste it, find the Paste option on the dropdown menu of the row exactly above the placement where you wish the new row to appear.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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