How to add background filter on rows and columns

The background filter is an overlay which you can activate on top of images, videos and regular background colors. It can be applied on both rows and columns. 

You can choose to add a transparent color, a transparent image or both to the background to achieve a layered effect, as illustrated below.

1. Where to find background filters

Rows: You find the background filter under Edit Row > Styling 

Columns: You find the background filter under Edit Column > Styling 

2. How to use background filter

2.1 Enable background filter

You enable the background filter function by toggling it in the right side of the overlay.

2.2 Background filter color

To use a color as background filter, click on the color selector on the right of the overlay. Please not that when you've selected a color, you are able to change the level of opacity (transparency). Change the opacity level by sliding the color bar.

2.3 Background filter media

Add an image as a filter background by clicking on "add background" and select the file from your hard drive. You can also add an image from your file library in the Editor by clicking on "choose from library". 

Tip! You can use different png patterns to give the background filter a more interesting look. 


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