Users Overview

In this section it is possible to add, manage and delete users in your CRM

1. Create User

To create a new user simply click on the Create User button. To read more about each field on the Create User page, please click here.

2. Actions

This field should be used to apply specific actions to a user, like approving/rejecting them or managing groups. To apply an action to a user, click on the small square on the left side of that user and then choose which action you wish to apply from the dropdown menu. Click here to learn more about approving/rejecting users and follow this link to read more about managing groups.

3. Delete

To delete a user simply select it by clicking on the small square on the left side of that user followed by pressing the Delete button. A confirmation box will appear to which you should answer yes in case you are sure you want to delete the selected users or no if you wish to cancel and go back to the users list.

4. Search

Once you have a large list of users, it might become difficult to look for a specific one. This tool allows you to search your whole list based on any of your users' details, instead of having to manually look for the user.

5. Details

This section will display a user's first and last name, company and phone number.

6. Email

This section will display a user's email. 

7. Groups

This section will display the group(s) the user has been added to. To read more about groups, please click here.

8. Protection

This section will display the password protections status of each user. Read all about password protection here.

9. Emails

This section will display whether that user is included in the email campaigns list or not. The field will show yes if the user has given permission to receive email updates and no if he hasn't. Read all about Email Campaigns here.

10. Edit

To view more details about the user simply click on the small icon; alternatively you can click on top of its name to open the user card. This is also how you can edit information on that user; if you have done any changes, don't forget to select Save User on top.

11. Show

To improve the visualization of the users, it is possible to choose the number of users you wish to be shown on each page. You can choose between showing 25, 50, 100 or all users in one page.


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