Create Users

Create a new user either by clicking on the New User button or bulk upload users to CRM by clicking Import Users. To edit an existing user, click on the user's name or on the Edit icon on the far right of the user.

Create User Manually

When you first create a user, you will be able to add the user details, as well as define the user group, send invitation to create a password, and confirm the user's permission to receive email communication. Depending on your subscription plan, you might also have access to making notes about the user.

1. User Details

When creating a user, in the first section you should add the user details, such as job title, first and last name, address, email, phone and company name.

2. Groups

In this section you can add a user to one or more groups. Simply click on the field to show the existing groups and select the one you wish to add from the list; alternatively, in case you want to add the user to a group that hasn't been created yet, simply type it down and select the Add option underneath it. To learn more about groups, please click here.

3. Password

In case you want to give access to that user to password protected pages, simply toggle on in the option to send invitation to create a password. The user will receive an email with a link where they can set their own password to access the websites password protected pages.

4. Email Communication

In this section you can manually subscribe the user to email communication, simply toggle on in front of the option.

5. Note

Finally you can add a small note about the user, like other details or important information about your business relationship, which will only be seen by you. 

Edit User

Once a user has been created, you can go back and add or edit different fields, except for email. Email is a static field, which means that if the user has changed email, you'd have to add it as a new user.

Furthermore, once you open its business cards you will see other options. Please note that even though visible, some features won't be usable depending on your subscription plan.

6. Reset Password

Once the user has selected a password, the next time you open the user card you will find a Reset Password button in this field instead. Use it to reset the user's password in case he has lost or forgot his initial password; once a new password has been created, older passwords will no longer work to access protected pages.

7. Email Communication - Last Changes

In this section you can see the date and time of the last change done regarding the email communication.

If a user signed up themselves through the Email Signup Form Module, the "Last change" will indicate when the user signed up and was registered in the system. 

8. Activities

In this section you can visualize a stream of user activities. This records all the activities of the user on your site - for example placing an order in the Shop - when using the email stored in their user card It is possible to manually add an activity and you can always download the entire stream as a .CSV file. You can also delete individual entries from the stream by clicking the garbage bin next to the relevant entry. 

9. Reminders

In this section it is possible to add reminders about the user; perhaps you might want to add relevant and important dates that you wish to remember. 

Bulk import users

Instead of manually creating individual users, you have the option of importing multiple users through an XLSX file. First, click the Import  Users button and then click Show XLSX file example on the overlay. Open the file in Excel.

In the file, the first row contains all the headings of the data that can be filled in. It's important that you don't edit this row as it will interfere with the data upload. You can start filling in user data from the second row. Each row is the equivalent of one user's data. 

A few helpful pointers for filling in the XLSX file:

Once you're done, head back into the Editor, click Add XLSX File and upload your sheet. A dialogue message will tell you how many new users were uploaded successfully and if there were any issues with the data upload.

Bulk export users

In order to make changes to all users or to quickly start over somewhere else, you have the option to export multiple users through an XLSX file. First, click Import & Export and choose Generate XLSX file under Export. Open the file in Excel. You will find an overview of all your users and their information listed in the file, enabling you to make quick, bulk changes to some or all users. After you've made the desired changes, re-upload the updated file to your website using the import feature (described above).


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