Forms Data

Forms is the third section of the CRM tab. In this section it is possible to store and manage data you have collected from forms. 


1. Delete Form or Form Data

To delete all submitted data for a form or individual submissions, click on the small square on the left side of the form or the submission and click on Delete.

You can also delete individual pieces of data from each form by clicking the small garbage bin next to the line of data you wish to remove.

2. Data Collecting Name

This field displays the name of the data collection, which you can define locally on the form settings. This name should differentiate the answers collected from different forms in your page.

3. Submissions

This field displays the number of submissions for each form, i.e. the number of respondents who have completed and submitted their answers.

4. Last Updated

Overall this field displays the date and time of the last answer submission; it is possible to find the specific date and time of each answer submission by expanding the form data to find each individual answer.

5. Download

For your convenience, this field allows you to download your form questions and answers as an .XLSX file.

6. Expand

By default the Forms section will display one single line with details about each data collection; to actually see all the answers on each form, click on the arrow on the left side to expand the full detailed list of answers.

7. Form answers and submission URL

You're able to view all the answers provided by the visitor through the form. You can also see whether the elements filled in were required or not. Required elements will have an asterisk (*) added at the end while non-required elements won't. 

Finally, "Submission URL" tells you from which specific URL the form was submitted. 

8. Enable Data Collection on Form modules

To enable the data collection for a specific form, go to that Form Module settings and you will find the Data Collection options. Read more about the Form Module here!


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