Create Email Campaigns

To create an email campaign, simply click on the Create Email Campaign button. 

1. Save / Test / Send

On the top you will find three action buttons - save, test and send. 

1.1. Save

Pressing Save will save your campaign, which you can edit and send at any time.

1.2. Test

If you want to test your campaign, all you must do is press Test and insert the email to which you want the campaign to be sent to. That way you will be able to preview the overall look and design of your campaign before sending it to your users.

1.3. Send

Pressing Send will send your campaign to all the recipients. This action can not be undone, so only press the button when you are sure you want to send the campaign.

2. Campaign Name

In this field you can name your campaign so you can differentiate it from others. Please note that recipients won't be able to visualize this name; this is a field which will most likely help your own organization.

3. Recipient Groups

In this field you can define the user groups that will receive that newsletter. Please note that the number of emails you can send per month are defined depending on your subscription plan.

4. Subject

In this field you should add the email subject and it is one of the first things that users will see when they receive the campaign, without even opening it up.

5. Summary

In this field you can add a short summary about what your campaign is about. Please note that recipients won't be able to visualize the summary; this field is mostly so you can differentiate and easily recognise your campaign on the campaigns list.

6. Appearance & Content

6.1. Main Image

In case you want to add an attractive and relevant image to your campaign you can do it in this section. Simply click on Add File in case your file is in your computer or on Choose from Library in case you have already uploaded it to the File Manager.

6.2. Content

In the following sections is where you would write the actual content of your campaign, including the main heading and the body. When writing your text you will find a simplified version of the text editor toolbar in which you can add styling to your newsletter. Read more about the text editor toolbar here! 


Anything we’ve not covered?

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