Intro to Shop Styling

Most of the shop elements can be styled and customized as you prefer. If you have chosen a template, the design should already look professional and consistent, however it is always possible to individually modify some styling options.


1. Local Styling

Local styling is only possible on the E-Commerce Modules - the Catalog Module and the Shop Cart Module. Learn more about the Catalog Module styling here and find more about the Shop Cart Module styling here


2. Global Styling

Instead of having to modify each element individually, Global Styling allows you to design the elements of the same kind at the same time, creating a consistent theme on your website and saving your time. Global Styling allows you to design globally not only the shop modules but also the Product Page and Checkout flow, which can only be previewed by simulating a purchase on the Preview function of the editor. 


2.1. How to find the modules in Global Styling

You can find Global Styling menus for the both modules under the Shop Settings on left side bar of the Global Styling Mode. To find more about the Shop Global Styling, please click here.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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