10 Steps to Get Started

We have compiled the most important steps to get started with eCommerce. It doesn't take much time before you will be up and running with your web shop. You can watch a detailed tutorial about the fundamental steps below!



Wistia video thumbnail - Ecommerce - Walk-through



The 10 Steps

  1. Choose a Template and consider the structure of your shop
  2. Fill in Store Details, Currencies and Tax Settings
  3. Start creating a product by filling in general information
  4. Add possible Variants
  5. Add one or more Photos
  6. Edit SEO elements
  7. Repeat process by creating as many products as you want
  8. Add Terms & Conditions and personalize Notifications
  9. Set up Shipping Provider, Method and Payments
  10. Build your website with the E-Commerce Modules


Now you should be ready to publish and sell some products! It is always possible to go back and add or edit the elements created and there are a lot other options that should be considered to maximize the efficiency of your shop.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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