Email Sign Up Cancellation

Your users are free to cancel their email updates any time. There are three main ways in which a user can get its cancellation - the user does it manually through the email campaign received, the user does it manually in their account through the User Login Module or you automatically sign the user off when editing his user card.

1. Newsletter

At the bottom of each email campaign, users can find a small text with a link to unsubscribe from receiving future updates. The page where that link will take them to can be defined by you on your CRM Settings. Read all about CRM Settings here!

2. User Login Module

After a user has logged in through the User Login Module, they can manage their email updates at the bottom of their account. Click here to read all about the User Login Module!

3. User Card

When creating or editing a user card, you can sign off the user from email updates on the Email Communication section. If the toggle is grey it means that the user is already unsubscribed from email updates. Read more about the Users section of the CRM here!

4. Subscribing Again

If your user wants to receive email updates again, don't worry, they can always do it. To read all about the different ways to subscribe, click here!


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