Defining Settings

Settings is the last section of the CRM tab. In this section it is possible to define general newsletter settings.

1. Email Unsubscribe Page

In this section you can define where the unsubscribe prompt will be shown when a user chooses to unsubscribe from your email updates; all you must do is choose your preferred page from the dropdown menu.

2. User Page

Once a user has logged in through the User Login Module, they can easily find their My Account page. On the bottom of that page they can find a small section where they can manage their email campaigns subscription. In this section you can personalize the text that shows above the "I want to receive updates" checkmark. Use this area to explain what your email campaigns consist of and how frequently do you normally send them, for example.

3. Sender Email

In this section you can define which email address and name will be used to send campaigns and notification. Add the email on the first field and the responsible name on the second.


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