How to Add a Logo

Your logo identifies and represents your brand. It is important to show it on your website and the editor gives you the possibility to do it in a very easy and effective manner.


How to add a logo to a website?

There is one main way to display your logo - through Global Data together with the Image Module.

It is important to refer that you must take into consideration the placement of the logo - if you wish to add it to the header, you must do it on the Global Styling tab; however if you want it in another place on a page, you must do it on the Pages tab.


1. Global Data + Image Module

The easiest way to add the logo to your website is through Global Data and the Image Module.


1.1. Global Data

Before starting to design your website you should have uploaded an image of your logo into the Global Data menu under the Content tab on the initial interface of the editor. Once you have uploaded it once, next times you wish to use the logo, it will automatically be inserted. To learn more about Global Data, please click here. 


1.2. Image Module

Drag the Image Module to where you wish the logo to be - either on the header or somewhere else in the pages. On the Edit Image Module menu you will see the option: Use Global Data Image. By enabling the option you will be able to insert the logo you have initially uploaded as global data. You can repeat this process as much times as you want and you can also style the logo in terms of size and placement. Learn more about the Image Module here!



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