Divider Module

The Divider Module allows you to create a division between your content by adding a fully customizable divider to any row or column. It is possible to find the Divider Module in the Basic Modules menu, add it to your website by dragging it from the top bar to a row or column of your preference.

Edit Divider Module

To open the editing menu, double-click on top of the divider you wish to modify or hover the mouse on top of the module to find the blue module menu, and click on the Edit option. 


1. Placement

In this section you are able to place the divider in your preferred location within the website - place it on the right, centered or on the left.


2. Divider

2.1. Divider Thickness

Write down how thick you wish the divider to be or use the slider option, moving it to the left or the right to decrease or increase the thickness of the line.


2.2. Divider Color

Choose a color for your divider and set a level of transparency.


2.3. Divider Type

The divider doesn't have to be a solid line - it can also be dotted, dashed or doubled.


2.4. Divider Width

Choose how wide the divider should be in percentage of the width of the browser. Use the slider option, moving it to the left or the right to decrease or increase the percentage.


3. Spacing

When styling the spacing you can define the margin - which adjusts the space outside of an element; and padding - which adjusts the space inside of an element. 


4. Divider Global Styling

Instead of individually styling each Divider module it is possible to do it automatically with Global Styling. Under the Global Styling tab, there is a Module Design option on the left menu. Click on it to expand the options and you should find the Divider menu. Read all about the Divider Global Styling here!


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