Add & Manage Variation Labels

Variation labels are used when you have one or more variants of a product; they represent general characteristics of a product - like color, size or others. It is possible to find the Variation Labels on the left side menu of the Shop. By default, the Shop will have two Variation Labels already created - Color and Size.


1. Variation Label

The Variation Label should be the general characteristic of a product. You can have infinite variation labels on a product, e.g. size, color, fabric, type, etc. To edit an existing Variation Label, click on top of its name. A new menu will appear underneath it with the Variation Label and options, which you can edit by clicking on top of them. 


1.1. Add New Variation Label

To add a new Variation Label click on the Add Variation Label below your existing variation labels. To edit its name and add options, simply click on the blank label and fill in the empty fields.


1.2. Delete Variation Label

To delete a Variation Label simply click on the X icon on the right side of each label.


2. Variation Options

The Variation Options are the different options within a characteristic, e.g small size, medium size and large size. It is the variation options that allow you to have different variants of products so you should predefine your variation options before creating a product's variants.


2.1. Add Variation Option

To add a new Variation Option click on the Add option button underneath your existing options. Edit its name simply by clicking on top of the empty field.


2.2. Delete Variation Option

To delete a Variation Option simply click on the X icon on the right side of each option.


3. Applying Variation Labels

In your Shop you can have as many Variation Labels as you wish. When applying them to your product you can also choose infinite Variation Labels.


3.1. Selecting Variation Labels

You can add variation labels to a product on the Products menu, under the Basic section. When creating a new product or editing an existing one, scroll all the way down to find the Variation Labels section.

3.1.1. Primary Variation Label

Click on the Add Variation Label button to add your primary variation label and select from the dropdown menu which variation label you want to define as your primary. 


3.1.2. Variation Label 2, 3, 4, ...

As previously stated you can add as many variation labels as you want. Click on the Add Variation Label to add another variation label and select from the dropdown menu one of the variation labels you have previously defined.


3.1.3. Primary Variation Label vs Variation Label 2, 3, 4, ...

The variation label you define as your primary variation label will affect the amount and variety of photos you can upload to your products, this means that you can only upload pictures to the different variation options from your primary variation label. When deciding which variation label should you prioritise think of what characteristic is visually different.

For example, if you have two variants like color and size, because color is more visually different than size, you should define color as the primary variation label and size as the variation label 2. This means you'll be able to add pictures to each one of your primary variation options, or to every color of your product.


3.1.4. Deleting a Variation Label

To delete a variation label, simply click on the Remove Last Variation Label.


3.2. Selecting Variation Options

When you are ready to create your variants, you have to select the options for each within the chosen labels. If you have chosen e.g. color and size, these are the factors where your variant can vary from the main product.


3.3 Adding the same image to different variants

By default when having different variants you will have to attach images to each variant. If you want to use the same image for all variants there is an easier way to do so. All you must do is to add your variant as the secondary variation label and leave the primary variation blank. In this case you will be able to add the same group of images to all variants. 


You can always go back and add, delete or edit your variation labels and options. Don't forget to save your progress by always clicking on the Save button on the top of each page.


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