Defining Access to Password Protected Pages

To define which users have access to password protected pages, you must tag them in the right User Group and then define the exact same group under Page Settings. 

1. User Group

The first step is to make sure that your users are properly tagged with the relevant tags. When you define access to password protected pages, you do it regarding groups, which means all users within that group will have access to password protected pages. It is important that you manage your users and groups closely, keeping in mind password protection. You can add and manage user groups under the User groups section of the CRM tab; click here to read more about User Groups.

2. Page Settings

The second step is to define which user groups should have access to the password protected pages under Page Settings. Find the Page Settings of the page you wish to password protect and under the Settings tab you will find the Password Protection menu. Enable password protection by toggling on in the respective option and type in the field the user group(s) you wish to allow. Read more about other Page Settings here.

2. Practical Example

Let's say you want to password protect a page with Price Lists. You want to give out access to this page to users that work in Sales. To make sure the page will be password protected to the right users, go through the following steps:

1. Check your User Groups and confirm those tagged as Sales;

2. Enable Password Protection on the Price List page through Page Settings and type "Sales" in the Allow these groups field.

And that's it. All the users within the Sales group will now have access to the Price List page.

3. Requesting Access

When a visitor tries to access a password protected page to which they don't have permission, there will be an option to request access.

When a visitor submits an access request, a notification email will be sent to the email address in Global Data -> Business information -> Email to encourage the website owner to either reject or approve the access request.

3.1. Approve Requests

If a user has requested access to a specific page, please note that when you receive their request, it will be automatically tagged with the User Group that has permission to access the page - e.g, in the image below you can see that the visitor has requested to access a page which only users tagged as Support could visualize. You can always delete or add user groups before you approve the user request. Read more about accepting users requests here!


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