How to Add Videos

Videos can be a useful tool to make your website more interactive. In the editor, there are three main ways to add a video to a page - through the Video Module, the HTML module and as a row background.


Video Module

With the Video Module you can display a video on your website. It is possible to manually insert the link of the video to be shown or use the videos added in Global Data. Find all about the Video Module here!


HTML Module

The HTML Module will display a video if you copy an embed link into the box. Follow the next example to understand how to add a Youtube video to your page. Read all about the HTML Module here!


Row Background

To set a video as a row background, open the Row Menu and click on Edit. It is possible to find the Background Video under the Styling tab. Copy the Video URL into the box and don't forget to enable background video.

Note: Video URLs accepted are MP4, WEBM, OGG, Youtube and Vimeo.


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