Global Data

Global data is a powerful and time-saving feature that allows you to reuse common and important business information as short cuts, saving you time when adding and editing your website content.

With global data you only need to enter the information once. The information will then be automatically populated in all the relevant modules on your site that refer to these global data nodes.

What's more, when you make an edit to any piece of global data, this update automatically displays anywhere this data item is placed within the website. Read all about Global Data here!


1. How to add Global Data

You can find Global Data in the left side menu under the Content Tab of the editor. Under Global Data you can find the following fields: Business Information, Price Lists, Gallery, Opening Hours, Reviews, Social, Websites, Downloads, Videos, Payment Methods, Custom, Structured Lists, Offers and Deprecated. Fill in the relevant fields and once you have completed them you can use them on your website as many times as you want.


1.1. Import Content

Instead of manually adding the content, the editor gives you the possibility to import content from existing websites and add it to your own. This feature is available for Business Information, Custom and Deprecated sections. Learn how to import content for global data here!


2. How to use Global Data

It is possible use Global Data in many different elements once you have completed the necessary fields. You can always add Global Data on the Text Module, the Image Module, the Google Maps Module, the Social Media Module, the Gallery Module, among many other uses.

Global Data makes easy the introduction of content without actually writing it - simply by using the Global Data tags, which you can always modify before using.


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