Rollback & Reset Function

When working in the editor there are two important and useful 'undo' tools one should be aware of and know how to use - the Rollback and the Reset function. These functions allow the resetting of an older version of a website, undoing changes, and resetting the original styling of an element. Watch the video below for a tutorial about the Rollback and Reset Function.



1. Rollback

The Rollback function is symbolized by a little clock icon and can be found on the upper right corner of the editor, to the right of Preview and Publish. This functions allows you to visualize the last 30 changes done on your website, chronologically ordered from the newest to oldest, and restore any of these versions. 


1.1. How to use the Rollback function

Click on the Rollback icon and a dropdown list with the last 30 changes will show up underneath. Find the change you wish to undo and, by clicking on it, a preview of the website from the time of that specific change will appear in the main area of the editor.

You are now able to scroll up and down to explore that version of the website. If that is the version you wish to restore, just click on Apply and all the changes made after that version will be gone.

If you wish to look at another change, you can easily do so by finding it and selecting it from the dropdown list. If you no longer wish to undo any change or you want to go back to the editor without applying any changes, click on Cancel. 

It's important to remember that this Rollback function is not specific to you, as a user. If somebody else is able to log into this site to edit it - they will see the same list of rollback options, and can revert any of the last 30 changes that have been made, not just the changes from one specific user. It is also possible to check the login name of the person that performed each change.


2. Reset

When styling an element you will see the Reset icon on the left side of an option. This function allows you to reset a specific element to its original design, (the design that comes when the module is created in the first instance).


2.1. How to use the Reset function

Under the styling tab of an element, if you hover the cursor on top of any option, the Reset icon shows up on the left. Click on it if you wish to revert the styling of that element and don't forget to click on Save to apply the changes or cancel if you no longer wish to modify the element. Bear in mind, this will remove any styling you may have applied here.


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