Text & Button

The Text & Button module groups can have multiple functions; it is composed by a text module and a button module that can be fully personalized. It can be just one row or it can go up to four columns. It is possible to find the Text & Button Module Groups in the All Groups menu, add it to your website by dragging it from the top bar to a row or column of your preference.


1. Edit Text & Button Module Groups

It is possible to edit each element of the module group individually. To open the editing menu, double-click on top each element you wish to modify or hover the mouse on top of it to find the blue module and click on the Edit option. 


2. Elements

The Text & Button Module Groups are composed by text modules and button modules.


2.1. Text Module

To read all about the editing and styling of a text module, please click here.


2.2. Button Module

To find all about the editing and styling of a button module, please click here.



3.1. Text & Button - 1 Column


3.2. Text & Button - 2 Columns


3.3. Text & Button - 3 Columns


3.4. Text & Button - 4 Columns


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