How to Add Contact Forms

The Internet has allowed the development of the dialogue between businesses and customers. It is important to gather information from your clients and let them communicate with you in the most direct way possible. The editor allows you to do that by using the Form Module or the Google Maps & Contact Form Module Group.


1. Form Module

This module allows the gathering and storing of valuable information about your customers. You can choose what type of questions you wish to add to the form - it is entirely up to you. To learn more about the From Module, please click here.


2. Google Maps & Contact Form Module Group

This module not only is composed by a contact form already created but also a Google Maps module. It is perfect to add to as a contact page, for example, where customers can locate a business and contact it in case they wish to do so. To read more about the Google Maps & Contact Form Module Group, please click here.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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