Pending Orders

In this section you can track all your pending orders, which are orders that have been purchased by your clients but you haven't fulfilled yet. To see additional details about each specific order, click on the Order ID on the left side. 


1. Check Order

By clicking on the Order ID, a new page with all the order's detail opens. Here you can see the Order Status, Date, Payment Type, Currency, among other options. It is also on this page where you can see the billing and shipping addresses.


1.1. Apply Discount

It is possible to apply discounts to a product at the order level. Under the Products section, a dropdown percentage menu can be found. If you wish to apply a discount to that order, simply choose the percentage and the new product price will automatically be calculated.


1.2. Note

At the checkout flow, the client can add a small comment to the order - like birthday wishes or delivery details. This comment will show up under the Note section of that order.


1.3. Saving

In case you have made any alterations to the order, don't forget to save them by clicking on the Save Order button on the top of the page. Right next to it you will also find a Print button in case you wish to print the order.


2. Next Step

Once you have verified all the details of the order, you are ready to ship it. To fulfill the order, change the status of the Order to Completed.


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