Add & Manage Category Tags

Category tags are useful when you want to organize your posts. In this section you can have an overview of your existing tags and which posts have been tagged with each one of them. Find the Tags option in the left side menu of the Blog tab of the editor.


1. Category Tags

In front of each tag, the small number represents the number of posts to which that tag has been attributed to. By clicking on top of each tag you'll be able to see which posts exactly have that specific tag.


2. Add Tag

In this section you can also add more tags, by clicking on the Add Tag button on the bottom of the page. Keep in mind that tags must be a single word or words with no spaces in between.


3. Delete Tag

To delete a tag simply click on the X icon on the right side of each tag.


4. Add Tags to Posts

When adding or editing a post, you can add a tag under the Basic tab. By clicking on the field, all the existing tabs will appear below - add them to the post by clicking on top of each. Alternatively, type down the tag you want to add and it will be automatically saved in the Category Tags for future use.


5. Apply Category Tags

Tags are useful when you are setting up and organizing your Blog Catalog. To read more about the Catalog Module, click here!


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