Blog Catalog Module - Content

When editing the blog catalog, content is the first group of settings you can define. Watch the video below for a tutorial on adding posts to the blog catalog.



1. Blog Posts

1.1. Blog Post Tags

By default, your Blog Catalog will show all your posts, with the most recent being shown first; so this is the Catalog behavior if this field is left blank. However, you can choose to show a specific group of posts; to do so, type in the field the tag(s) of the posts you wish to display. This means that if you want a specific group of posts to show in your blog, you have to tag them while creating them and use the same tag when setting up you Blog Catalog.


Example: If from all my posts, I wish to only display those that mention a product launch, then I must have tagged all those posts with the tag "launch" and I should type that tag on the Blog Catalog Module Settings as well.


1.2. Maximum Number of Blog Posts

In this field you can define the maximum number of posts you wish the blog catalog to display. Write the number down on the box or use the slider to increase the number of posts shown. If you make no alterations, the catalog will show as many posts as there is on that tag; or in case you haven't selected any tags, it will show all your posts.


2. Post Information

This group of settings refer to the Blog Catalog, which means it only affects the Catalog and not the individual post page.


2.1. Hide Image

Enable this option to hide the featured image on top of the post.


2.2. Hide Timestamp

Enable this option to hide the time of creation of the post, which is located directly below the featured image.


2.3. Hide Title

Enable this option if you wish to display posts without title.


2.4. Hide Text

Normally the Catalog displays the preamble, by enabling this option, the catalog will hide the text, in this case, the preamble.


2.5. Hide Author

Enable this option if you wish to hide the author name, which is located directly below the featured image.


2.6. Hide Comments

Enable this option if you wish to hide the number of comments on each post.


2.7. Hide Button

Enable this option if you wish to hide the "Read More" button. The post page will still be accessible by clicking on any other element, e.g post title or featured image.


3. Overview

The image below represents the elements that would be affected by the settings done on Post Information.


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