Language Settings

With each language that you add to your website, there a couple of settings that you should have in mind and define in the editor. Find the Language Settings by hovering over the language you wish to modify the settings for and click on the Settings icon or click on Edit Settings from the dropdown menu.


1. Language Name, abbreviation and region code

In this section you can define the language name, the language (abbreviation) and the region code. The language name is "cosmetic" and will only affect the language selection drop down on your website. The language (abbreviation) affects all automatically created messages on your website, such as messages in the "open now" module. The language will additionally affect the language meta data of your website. The region code will not be visible or change content on your website but it will be included in the meta data of your website and help making the language meta data more precise. 


2. Formats

2.1. Date Format

Set the format in which you want to display dates, with: "d" being day, "m" being month and "Y" being year. 


2.2. Weekday Format

Define whether you want the weekdays to be fully displayed or substituted by their abbreviation.

2.3. Lowercase weekday

Enable this if you want the first letter of each weekday to be displayed in lowercase (monday instead of Monday).


2.4. Weekday Start From

Choose which day do you want to start your week with - Sunday or Monday.


2.5. Enable 24 Hour System

When this setting is enabled, the hours will be shown with the 24 hour format. When the setting is disabled, the hours will be shown as a 12-hour clock with the use of AM and PM.


3. SEO

You can also define a default title, keywords and description for all pages in that language. All pages in the language will inherit this property, if not set locally.

4. Flags

Instead of simply displaying the Language name, it is possible to associate a flag with the language. To associate a flag with the language, simply navigate to the Flags section and choose the relevant flag from the list or type in the field the country to display the respective flag.

4.1. Flags & Language Text

By default, once you have associated a flag with the language, the Language Selector Module will display both text and flag unless you enable the hide text option to display only the flag. Read how to hide the language text here!


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