The Text Module can be styled locally or globally. The advantage of global styling is that it automatically styles all the text modules on your website at the same time, creating a consistent theme on your website and saving your time. It is possible to find Text Global Styling under the Module Design section of the Global Styling tab of the editor.

1. General

The general section is dedicated to spacing. Here you can change the spacing of your Text Modules, both in terms of margin - which adjusts the space outside of an element; and padding - which adjusts the space inside of an element.


2. Table

In the table section you will find styling options for both the table head and table cells. Read all about how to add and style tables here!

3. Dark, Light and Custom text styles

You have a number of text styles to choose from - e.g. headline, subtitle, preamble, among many others - and they all come in a dark and a light version, which makes it easy for you to apply standard text types on your site in the appropriate style and color (dark/light). There are also a number of custom text styles that you can customize and apply as you like on your site. For each style of text you can define:


3.1. Text

In terms of text, it is possible to style the font color, size, family, weight, line height, letterspacing, text decoration, italic and uppercase options and alignment.


3.2. Links

Regarding links, it is possible to define font color, weight and decoration for each state - normal or when being hovered.


3.3. Spacing

In regards to spacing, it is possible to define both margin and padding. 


4. Apply Global Styling

Once you have determined the styling characteristics for each type of text, head back to the Pages tab and  choose the Style you wish to apply on a specific text on the Text Editor Toolbar. For example, if you want for a text to have the styling you have defined for the Dark Preamble text style, just choose Dark Preamble from the dropdown Styling list and it will automatically change.

Note: If you choose to style a text locally it will overwrite the global styling for that specific Text Module. Click here to read more about the Text Module local styling!


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