The Divider Module can be styled locally or globally. The advantage of global styling is that it automatically styles all the Divider modules on your website at the same time, creating a consistent theme and saving your time. It is possible to find the Divider Global Styling under the Module Design section of the Global Styling tab of the editor.


1. Placement

In this section you can define the placement of your dividers - to the left, centered or to the right.


2. Divider

2.1. Divider Thickness

Define how thick you want the dividers to be. Type down the pixels on the field or use the slider to increase or decrease the value.


2.2. Divider Color

Choose a solid color for the divider and set the transparency if you wish to do so.


2.3. Divider Type

Define the type of divider - if a solid, dotted, dashed or double line.


2.4. Width

Define the width of the divider as a percentage of the element where it is included.


3. Spacing

When styling the spacing you can define the margin - which adjusts the space outside of an element; and padding - which adjusts the space inside of an element.

4. Apply Global Styling

As soon as you save your Global Styling, all the Divider Modules will inherit that design. However, if later you choose to style a divider locally, it will overwrite the global styling but only for that specific Divider Module. Click here to read more about the Divider Module local styling!


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