Map Module

Embed the Map Module to your website to direct customers your way, making it easier to locate your company. It is possible to find the Maps Module in the Basic Modules menu, add it to your website by dragging it from the top bar to a row or column of your preference.


Note! To make sure that the map function works as smoothly as possible don't use more than one Map Module per page.

Edit Map Module

To open the editing menu, double-click on top of map you wish to modify or hover the mouse on top of it to find the blue module menu and click on the Edit option. 


1. Content

1.1. Insert Street Address and Additional Addresses

To add a specific address simply insert the full address; use longitude & latitude coordinates for more exact location positioning. You may also want to insert data from your Global Data fields - [street], [city], [state], [zip]. 

It is also possible to add more than one address. On the Additional Street Addresses or Lat/Long Box you should add extra addresses, separated by a vertical bar (|). 

1.2. Google Maps

All previous Google Maps Modules were substituted by the default Maps Module, for which you don't need a licence to be able to integrate it in your site. 

However, if you still wish to display the Google Maps Module and you have an operating licence key, all you must do is toggle on in front of the Use Google Maps option and insert the API key in the field below. To obtain a Google Maps API Key you must have a deal with Google about billing for usage of their maps service and you can then retrieve the key needed for the Map Module.

2. Styling

2.1. Background

In this section it is possible to choose a solid color for the module background as well as adjust the height and width of the map. Finally you can select the style of the map - default, black and white, blue water, neutral blue and light monochrome.


2.2. Border

Define the map's border color, width, style and radius. 


2.3. Spacing

Adjust the spacing of the map, both in terms of margin and padding.


3. Settings

3.1. Zoom level

In this option you can choose the default zoom size of the map. Write on the box or use the slider, moving it to the left or right in order to make it less or more zoomed.


3.2. Disable Directions

By selecting this option you will be disabling the option for visitors to get directions to the specified address.


4. Maps Global Styling

Instead of individually styling each Map module it is possible to do it automatically with Global Styling. Under the Global Styling tab, there is a Module Design option on the left menu. Click on it to expand the options and you should find the Maps menu. Click here to read more about the Maps Global Styling!


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