Global Data Sets

Not only is it possible to add different Global Data depending on the languages available on your site, but also you are allowed to create multiple global data sets for the same language. You can find the Global Data sets as the last option under the Global Data section of the Content tab.

Why Use Multiple Global Data Sets

Different Global Data Sets allow you to add multiple content to the same global data field, e.g. if your business has multiple addresses.

1. Primary Set

By default, the Primary Set is already created. This set of Global Data can not be deleted and, currently, the content added in the Primary Set is the only one available to be added when building your pages in the editor.

2. Add Global Data Set

To add a new Global Data set simply click on the Add button, followed by clicking on the new empty field to name the new global data set. Finish by clicking on the Save button and that's it, you will now be able to fill in different information depending on the Global Data Set for each of the categories.

3. Global Data per Language

Even if you only have one Global Data Set, it is still possible to add different content depending on the languages available on your site. Read more about Global Data per Language here!


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