Intro to Shop Editor

The shop editor is simple and easy to navigate in. It is possible to find the Shop Editor under the Shop tab in the main interface of the editor. There you have Products, Orders, Variation Labels, Category Tags and Settings to work with, and this is all you need to setup you shop database. Continue reading for an overview of each menu.


1. Products

In the Products section you will be able to create and manage your products and inventory. Read more about how to create a product here!


2. Orders

Orders is where you handle and keep track of all your orders. It is also here where you can credit and cancel orders. Read more about handling orders here

3. Variation Label

Variation labels is where you can create infinite variation labels and options to variations. Read more about Variation Labels and how these work here!

4. Category Tags

Category tags is where you keep track of all the tags used on your products. You can add tags, get an overview of existing tags and check how many products are tagged with each of the tags. Read more about Category Tags here!

5. Settings

It is under settings that you set up the basics for your shop. Shipping provider, Shipping method, Apps, Payments, Notifications, Currencies, Terms & Conditions, Tax Settings, Tracking, Store Details and Delivery Times are all set and defined here. Read more about all the different settings and how they work, by clicking on each of the links.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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