Set up Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods allows you to create different methods of shipping, which can be differentiated in price, weight and even shipping countries. It is possible to find the Shipping Methods under the Settings option on the left side menu of the Shop.


1. How to set up a Shipping Method?

1.1. Shipping Method Name

When creating a shipping method the first thing you need to do is creating a name for the shipping method. You can write the shipping provider or if the method is unique in some way e.g. DHL Express. If you do not use a specific provider, you can name the field like 'Shipping' or 'Next day delivery'.


1.2. Shipping Price

The next thing you need to do is type in price, tier target and minimum weight. You can add as many rows as you like. If you have more than one currency, remember to type in for these as well.


1.2.1. Shipping Price on Tier Target

Depending on the amount of products purchased, you might want to add discounted shipping costs or even no shipping costs at all. The tier target stands for the minimum cost of products in the cart to be charged that specific price of shipping; for example, in the image below we can see that the standard shipping price is 6USD but when the customer purchases more that 50USD worth of goods, than the shipping will be free.


1.2.2. Shipping Price on Minimum Weight

Depending on the weight of your products, the shipping cost may vary. For that reason, it is possible to define prices per weight intervals.

1.3. Shipping Provider

Choose from the dropdown menu which provider does that method relate to. The providers must be activated on the Shipping Providers menu; to find more about this, please click here.


1.4. Countries

For your convenience, it is possible to choose which countries does each method ship to. To do so, simply type down or choose from the list which countries does that method ship to. You can have different methods shipping to different countries. If left blank, the editor will assume that the specific method ships worldwide.


2. How to activate a Shipping Method?

Once the Shipping Method is created, simply toggle the option to activate it. If the Shipping Method is activated, the toggle's background is green.


3. Advanced Settings

Apart from the settings displayed, there are advanced settings for shippings methods but these are dependent on the Shipping Provider. To see the settings available, click on the option Advanced Settings and the field will expand with additional settings.



Your Shipping will only be up and running once you have defined your Shipping Provider AND Shipping Method. As soon as you activate a Shipping Method through the toggle, it will be live on the website. Make sure that the rest of the webshop set up is properly concluded before activating a Shipping Method.


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