Set up Notifications

For your convenience, the editor allows you to automatically contact your customers through pre-designed emails that are sent out on specific occasions, for example when they place an order or once the order is shipped. It is possible to find the Notifications under Settings on the left side menu of the Shop.


1. Email Address & Logo

In these fields you should add the email that which you wish the emails to be sent out from, so the company's email. You can also add a logo for the emails, which will automatically be placed nicely in all of the emails.


2. Email Templates

There are four different email setups. Please remember that if you have your website in more than one language, you setup the emails under each language. 


2.1. Order Credited

This email will be sent out to a customer with information about the credited order.


2.2. Order Shipped / Invoice

This email will be sent out as the invoice for an order and/or as a shipment notice.


2.3. Order Cancelled

This email will be sent out as a confirmation of a cancelled order.


2.4. Order Confirmation

This email will be sent out to the customer when they have created an order.


2.5. Send Test Email

Under each notification you are able to send a test mail to your own email address, so you are able to test the notifications before they reach your customers.

3. When Notifications are not working

If you have successfully completed all the fields and your notifications are still not working, have a look at your Store Details. Notifications are only going to be sent to your clients if you have defined your Store Country, under Shop Settings > Store Details. Read all about Store Details here!



You can always go back and edit your email notifications. Don't forget to save your progress by always clicking on the Save button on the top of the page.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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