Set up Shipping Providers

The Shipping Providers refer to the shipping companies you may use when selling your products. You can find the Shipping Providers option under Settings of the left side menu of the Shop. In this section you will find the different providers that you can choose to activate. 


How to set up Shipping Providers?

To activate a Shipping Provider, simply toggle on in the right side of each option. You can activate as many Shipping Providers as you want - choose specific companies or choose the Generic option in case the company you wish to use is not on the list or you wish to be responsible for your own deliveries. The ones you activate will be possible for you to choose when creating a Shipping Method. Learn more about Shipping Methods here!



Your Shipping will only be up and running once you have defined your Shipping Provider AND Shipping Method. Make sure that the rest of the webshop set up is properly concluded before activating a Shipping Provider.


Anything we’ve not covered?

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