Set up Payments

In Payments you can define which payment gateways or services your webshop will support. It is possible to find Payments under the Settings options on the left side menu of the shop. 


1. Set up Payments

In order to set up payments you must fill out the preferences related to the individual provider. It is thus a different setup you must follow whichever payment provider you are about to set up. If you are in doubt about some of the fields, you can contact the individual provider and ask them to help you find the things you need to complete. If you have more than one language on your site, remember to fill out for each of the languages.


1.1. Payment Method Name

Often the consumer doesn't recognize the name of Payment Gateways and therefore might not know what payment option is it associated with. It is helpful to add a Payment Method Name that the consumer will recognize, i.e "Credit Card" or "Pay in Store".

1.2. Icons for Payment Method

In some of the payment gateways - QuickPay, Midtrans, Paypal and Epay - it is possible to add one or more small icons which indicate the payment methods available, e.g. American Express, Visa, Mastercard, among others.


2. Payment methods 

The Editor provides a number of different payment methods to choose from. If you are planning to accept credit card payments on your shop, you need to set up a payment gateway. 

2.1. Payment Methods: Manual, Collect on Delivery, Pay on Delivery, Invoice

These payment methods refer to payment arrangements agreed between the seller and the customer, e.g if the payment will be done physically at the store on pickup, or if payment is done through invoice. 


2.2. Payment Method: Bank Transfer

You can activate the bank transfer as a payment option and input your bank account number and SWIFT/IBAN code. When this payment method is enabled, the customer will see the shop bank details after completing checkout and on the order confirmation email. Please note that it is up to the shop owner to check when the money transfer is received and then fulfilled the order. 

2.3. Payment gateways

For a detailed article on each payment method, visit the Payments section here.

3. Activate Payment

When you want to activate a payment gateway, simply toggle on in the right side. If your preference is completed and you have activated the payment gateway then you are ready to go.


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