Set up Currencies

It is possible to support different currencies on your webshop. You can find the Currencies option under Settings on the left side menu of the Shop.


1. Add Currencies

To activate new currencies to your shop just click on the currencies you want to add. A green currency is selected and a grey is deselected. If some of the currencies are selected and you want to deselect, just click on the currency again and it will change to grey. The currencies you select at this point, will be available to choose from in the next section.


2. Primary Currency

You can also select the different currencies for each of the different languages. At this stage you should choose which currency to associate with each language, by choosing it from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu will only display the currencies selected in the section above.

3. Currency vs Language

Currently, it is only possible to associate one currency to each language; however, you can offer different currencies depending on the different languages your site supports. This means that you can have as many currencies as you have languages; your site visitors will be able to purchase in the currency from the language where they are visiting, e.g. if they are in the shop under the English language, they will be able to purchase in USD but if they are in the shop under the French language, they will be able to purchase in EUR.


You can always go back and add or deselect currencies. Don't forget to save your progress by always clicking on the Save button on the top of each page.


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